NATIONAL DAY: January 26

Consulate General of Australia
1000 Bishop Street, P.H.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813-4299

PHONE: 808.529.8100
FAX: 808.529.8142

Consul General Jane Hardy
(January 01, 2018)

Jane Hardy is the Consul-General of the Australian Consulate-General, Honolulu, having previously served as the Assistant Secretary, Arms Control and Counter-Proliferation Branch in the International Security Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Ms Hardy commenced her career with DFAT in 1991 as a graduate and her Australia-based roles have included assignments as Assistant Secretary in the Strategic Issues and Intelligence Branch (2011-2012) and the United States Branch (2010-2011); as Director in the Nuclear Policy Section (2009-2010 and 1998-1999) and the Koreas Section (2002-2005); and as Executive Officer, Regional Security Section, Strategic Issues and Intelligence Branch (1996-1997).

Ms Hardy has also served overseas as Australia’s Ambassador to Spain Andorra and Equatorial Guinea (2013 – 2014); Counsellor (Congressional Affairs), Australian Embassy, Washington DC, United States of America (2005-2009); Counsellor (Political), Australian Embassy, Seoul, Republic of Korea (1999-2002); and Second Secretary (Political-Economic), Australian High Commission, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1993-1996).

Ms Hardy is a published author of books and journals on Australian indigenous art and analysis of overseas aid programs. She holds a Masters of Arts from Monash University, Bachelor of Arts from Flinders University, Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Australia, and a Graduate Diploma in Foreign Affairs and Trade from the Australian National University.

Consul Linsey Bower
(November 2015)

Does U.S. Citizen need Visa? Yes
Passport issued location: Honolulu
Visa issued location: Washington D.C.

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