The Consulate of Hungary
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Honolulu, Hawaii 96822-2323

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FAX: 808.956.6856
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Honorary Consul Katalin Csiszar, Ph.D.
(November 2011)

Katalin Csiszar is a Professor and Researcher at the John A. Burns
School of Medicine, University of Hawaii. Dr. Csiszar received her
Ph.D. degree at Szeged Medical School in Hungary and completed
her post-doctoral training at Utrecht University in Holland, the
Pasteur Institute in Paris, France, and the Max Planck Institute
in Munich, Germany. She has been living in the United States
since 1989, where she focused her research on the genetics of
human disorders at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, and
subsequently, at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of
New Jersey, the Pacific Biomedical Research Center, University
of Hawaii, and from 2001, the John A. Burns School of Medicine.
Dr. Csiszar has been an active mentor to faculty and students,
many of whom now hold research positions in the United States,
Hungary, Germany, Spain, China, and Korea. In 2012, Dr. Csiszar
received the Knight's Cross Order of Merit of Hungary for her
accomplishments in international research and education, a merit
award for her services to Szeged University, and a Commendation
from the Governor of Hawaii.

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